Starting to play with Bootstrap 3.

They just announced a release candidate (or I just heard about it) and spent a bit of time this evening checking it out. The way I do that is by putting together a demo app that does something basic, that we already use Bootstrap 2 for, to see what the differences are.

That’s the “modal demo” — sort of the Hello World of Bootstrap testing.

I think it looks nicer than Boostrap 2, which of course it should. 😉

About Dave Winer

Dave Winer, 54, pioneered the development of weblogs, syndication (RSS), podcasting, outlining, and web content management software; former contributing editor at Wired Magazine, research fellow at Harvard Law School, entrepreneur, and investor in web media companies. A native New Yorker, he received a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, a Bachelor's in Mathematics from Tulane University and currently lives in Berkeley, California.
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