Scripting News: Why podcasting matters.

Earlier I wrote about how podcasting got its name. I wrote it because there’s a reporter who says he gave podcasting its name. He didn’t. It pisses me off when people who know they didn’t do something claim credit for it anyway. I don’t need to explain why it’s wrong, do I? 😉

Now, I want to say that even though I have never made a dime off podcasting, and I did a lot of work to make it happen, and I even spent money on it, it was still worth it.

Because it’s a form of literature that’s valuable and it persists.

To this day, when I go for a walk on a sunny day, or a frigid one, in NY or Seattle or Europe, I can listen to the people that I want to hear from, with no gatekeepers in the middle. I still listen to a lot of programming that is professionally produced, but I think it is better because it has to compete in a free market. One where the cost is pretty close to zero to distribute the programming.

So even though it didn’t make me money, it gave me something much better. Ideas! 🙂


About Dave Winer

Dave Winer, 54, pioneered the development of weblogs, syndication (RSS), podcasting, outlining, and web content management software; former contributing editor at Wired Magazine, research fellow at Harvard Law School, entrepreneur, and investor in web media companies. A native New Yorker, he received a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, a Bachelor's in Mathematics from Tulane University and currently lives in Berkeley, California.
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