Scripting News: Thanks to Jeff Atwood.

I tried to fit this into a tweet and I came close but couldn’t quite squeeze it in.

A picture named discourseStaff.gifI was glad to see Discourse, released today. It’s open source discussion software. Jeff Atwood, the developer, is one of the best programmers around, and he really knows discussion software. Too often people stop moving the ball forward when they achieve success. I don’t know why. Do great directors hang it up after their first hit? Basketball players? Rock stars? Why should creative people in tech be any different.

I think we’re about to see a wave of technically excellent software in a lot of different categories. Feels that way to me. More software like Discourse that can be hooked into everything else, and we’ll be looking at a lot of new opportunity for everyone.

I think we’re on the cusp of some exciting times.

Thanks Jeff. šŸ™‚


About Dave Winer

Dave Winer, 54, pioneered the development of weblogs, syndication (RSS), podcasting, outlining, and web content management software; former contributing editor at Wired Magazine, research fellow at Harvard Law School, entrepreneur, and investor in web media companies. A native New Yorker, he received a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, a Bachelor's in Mathematics from Tulane University and currently lives in Berkeley, California.
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