Thread: The Time-Warner cable iPad app is useful. When it works! :(

Is anyone else using the Time-Warner iPad app?

A picture named santaCoke.gifIt’s surprisingly useful, because it turns your iPad into a remote for the cable box. The remote it comes with is the usual piece of junk. Mine is worse than usual because about half the keys don’t work. So to get to channel 48, I have to enter 5 then a 0 and click the downarrow twice. I’ve learned how to find the most important channels this way, but I can’t believe I’m actually willing to do this.

Then I got the iPad app, and have set up my favorites, and I can just click on the name of the channel I want to go to and the iPad sends a message to TWC’s mainframe in the cloud, which then sends a message to my set top box to switch to the channel I just clicked on. It all happens in an instant. Pretty cool.

But last night it stopped working. I get a tune error message at the top of the screen when I try to switch to any channel. Here’s a screen shot of the error on my iPod. Same app.

Really sucks. I’m putting this out there in case anyone else is having problems or knows what box I have to kick to get this working. I have already recycled the power on everything in sight.


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