Killing Them Softly is a gangster movie, a fantastic smorgasbord of depravity.

A picture named killingThemSoftly.gifWe’ve been seeing movies, but not necessarily writing them up, for which we should be punished by smacks with a wet noodle or a spoon that is not a spoon. There is the door, but you must go through it yourself.

So the latest movies we’ve seen are: the awkardly named Silver Linings Playbook which was wonderful, the best romantic comedy of 2012, I say. Jen says it’s a drama. Yes it has dramatic elements, I say, but in the same way as the equally wonderful As Good As It Gets, which Jen says she walked out of, but went back to see. We’ve never talked about As Good As It Gets, interestingly — given that it is on my list of movies I think everyone should see, without reservation. A very distinguished list. AGAIG is such a great movie because it’s an inkblot test. Everyone sees in it what they need to see. For me it’s a movie about ways we can’t see past our prejudices. Helen Hunt delivers the meaning of the movie in her big line very near the end of the movie, which I won’t spoil. The one delivered on the top of the staircase. And her mother, so wise, explains to her why the world works the way it does.

You can tell if it’s a romantic comedy if there’s a big kiss at the end and if your eyes are watery and you’re feeling good about the world. It’s because you fell in love with love. That’s what romance is, dude! 🙂

Yesterday’s NJFF was a double feature starting with Killing Them Softly, a gangster movie, with a fantastic smorgasbord of depravity, seven courses, each darker than the other. Brad Pitt is great as the no-bullshit mob manager/hitman with a phenomenal supporting cast. The critics didn’t like it because it was so without hope or optimism, but what the hell, they made their case. The world is fucked up. They’re right. Believe me, there’s no kiss at the end of this movie. But there is a speech about Thomas Jefferson! How about that.

The other movie of last night’s double-feature was Cloud Atlas. I wanted to see it again, and I wanted Jen to see it after we watched The Matrix a few nights ago. I’ve already written my review, and look forward to hearing what Ms Jen has to say! 🙂


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