Thread: The core problem of the Knicks is they chose a Number Two to be their Number One.

A picture named smallbum.gifHarvey Araton in the Times writes today that the worst deal in NY sports is Amare Stoudemire of the Knicks. Hard to disagree. Except maybe Carmelo Anthony.

As a Mets fan since 1962, let me tell you — it is not about winning. It’s about love, and philosophy. The Knicks have two leading players that play from fear and have no philosophy. I think Carmelo could play on a team lead by someone with philosophy, as he showed in the Olympics this year, but even then, under pressure, he’s the first to choke. I was watching the last great game in the Olympics against Spain, hoping that Anthony would rally, but instead he was benched — and with the usual Baby Huey smile on his face, that seemed (to me at least) to spell relief.

The core problem of the Knicks is they chose a Number Two to be their Number One.

Neither Anthony or Stoudemire plays with heart. They are not competitors. Neither is a leader, or a winner. That’s what’s so fucked up about the Knicks.

They had a great team for a few weeks last year, sparked by a coach and a point guard who played with love and great philosophy. Chandler was happy to play along. Novak, Fields, Schumpert — all young and looking for a chance to play — flourished. Sure, given a chance this combination might not have won, but as I said — as a Mets fan, and I’m sure as die-hard Knicks fans can agree — it’s not really about winning. It’s about having a spirit that we can get behind.


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