Thread: I’m okay with Romney winning.

If Romney wins, I’m okay with it, because Obama has run a decent campaign, and a mostly honest one. And if people prefer Romney, then we deserve what we get. And I think it’ll be really radical. There’s a huge difference in direction for us based on who wins this election.

I think we understand now that Romney doesn’t stand for anything. He doesn’t even understand the idea of having a political cause worth fighting for. He isn’t pro-life or pro-choice. He doesn’t want to do anything in particular.

A picture named bloatersmall.gifOnce elected he will revert back to what he was in the primary. I think his choice of Ryan as VP cemented that. I think Ryan will run the Presidency as much as Cheney did. He’s got the support in Congress. The only hope against that is if the Democrats keep the Senate, and if they refuse to deal with the Republicans with the same tenacity that the Republicans refused to work with Obama. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for that. There are Democrats from red states in the Senate, who might not want to take the chance of crossing the Republicans, assuming they hold the White House and the House.

I think you’ll see the Ryan budget pass, pretty quickly — if Romney wins.

I read about this in a great piece by Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine.

The flipside is also true. Even if Obama loses both houses of Congress, his veto power will be all he’ll need to radically rewrite the budget in his own image, because of the wonderful “fiscal cliff” that’s coming up.

In order to raise taxes and drastically cut the military budget (and profits to the defense industry, a Repulbican patron), he has to do exactly nothing. Just kick back and watch the Republicans set their hair on fire. It’ll be a thing to behold. Can Obama resist making a deal with them for a while, just for the fun of watching them get a dose of their own tactics?

This cliff is nowhere near as dangerous as the one the Repubs pushed us to the brink of in August 2011. It’s a good time to call their bluff. Especially after winning the election he wasn’t supposed to win. 🙂

I’m not saying either scenario plays out, but I’m okay with either.

  • 1. We get what we deserve.
  • 2. The Repubs get what they deserve.

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