Thread: MP3 of Romney’s fund-raiser.

Yesterday I posted a question about the availability of MP3s via SoundCloud.

I just wanted to listen to this on my walk yesterday. But I think the MP3s of this should be available outside of SoundCloud’s server. So I created an MP3 and uploaded it to my Dropbox account. It’s mirrored in my S3 archive.

Romney Fundraiser MP3

BTW, I listened to the full recording as I prepared the MP3 and some of what he says is reasonable. But it doesn’t seem consistent that one person would say all these things. For example he talks about what a blessing it is to be born in America. 95 percent of it is taken care of for you. Where did that come from? Not my family, although they made a big difference too, with their emphasis on education and my grandparents did very well financially and were able to create security for all of us. If you started life as an American citizen you were better-off right from the start than most of the other babies born that day, elsewhere in the world.

So how can you at the same time feel that America is great and think that 47 percent of us are losers. It doesn’t make sense. At least part of what makes us great is that we have some greatness in our people. Or the system that we live in. It’s not just a piece of paper, Mitt.

A note about SoundCloud. By now we should all see the danger of trapping our content inside a Web 2.0 company’s servers. People say that it was Mother Jones’ decision to not allow this to be downlaoded, but there were limits on free accounts, so even if they wanted to let everyone download it, they couldn’t as long as they used SC. There are other free services that don’t have such limits. For example, Dropbox. We should all be working together to be sure that valuble historic documents like this are adequately preserved. It’s not good enough to upload a recording to a commercial service that doesn’t allow downloads.


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